Welcome to Burr PLaza

    We're glad you're here! Please take a few minutes to become acquainted with the many advantages that BURR PLAZA offers. Once you do, we hope you will come and visit with us to talk about how we can help make your business a success at the most desirable business address in the Eastern Panhandle.

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RAI Properties

"We are only as successful as our clients." We're the only local, onsite property management company with staff ready to assist your business. Contact us today about your needs.

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Burr Plaza Advantages

Our almost twenty-acre park-like campus with 100,000 square feet of modern retail, office and commercial space, is centrally located between Charles Town and Martinsburg, and offers many advantages.

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The Company You Keep

As the saying goes, “you are judged by the company you keep” and at Burr Plaza, the company is first rate. Come join this growing list of fine tenants. See what they are saying about us.

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RAI Properties is a values-driven company with a unique management mindset: that the ethics of an organization have as much to do with its achievements as does anything else. We believe that doing business by always doing the right thing is entirely consistent with the goals of profit and perpetuity. Second, we believe that we cannot be any more successful than our tenants, and we therefore must do all we can to help them succeed. 

On-Site Management

RAI Properties has located its company office within Burr Plaza and maintains a full complement of on-site capabilities to respond to immediate service and emergency requirements. Six full-time staff members, including a property manager and maintenance, repair and grounds keeping personnel are dedicated to responding to the needs of the all the tenants in the park. From administrative queries to snow removal, we are here to serve.

On-Site Marketing

RAI Properties has a Marketing Adviser available to help you promote your business - from planning your grand opening to advertising and social media campaigns. We want you and your business to succeed, and we will do everything we can to help.


RAI Properties, LLC has been pioneering commercial business infrastructure in Jefferson County since 2003. Burr Plaza is our sole undertaking and our only focus. The principals and employees of RAI Properties live here in the Eastern Panhandle. We are your neighbors, and we operate Burr Plaza as if our personal reputations depend on it … because they do.